Carlos Ganade (Caê)
Brazilian Geological Survey (CPRM)

Some like to climb a mountain. I prefer to dig them down instead. My research interest is to understand mountain building process by reading the rock record at their exposed roots. For that, I combine field investigation with the chemical and isotopic response of rocks and minerals from deeply eroded Neoproterozoic mountains in Brazil and Africa. During this period, at 800 to 600 million years ago, plate tectonics in Earth started to behave as we know today. This profound change in Earth’s geodynamics resulted in global overturns that affected climate and life, making today’s Neoproterozoic mountain root lowlands more exciting than the view on the top of the Everest.

Paulo Henrique Amorim Dias
Brazilian Geological Survey (CPRM)

Researcher at Brazilian Geological Survey (SBG-CPRM), his research is mainly on sedimentary sequences related to the São Francisco Supergroup (passive-margin and foreland sediments), focused on geological mapping, stratigraphy, geochronology and provenance. Currently, his work at CPRM is related to geodynamics and tectonic evolution studies using mainly geophysical data (seismic, gravimetric and magnetometric) and 2-3D modeling.

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